Product Updates

Featured Listings and More Domain Options for Your Pattern Site

This month, we’ve added new features to Pattern that give you more ways to customize your website. Now you can choose featured listings that are different from your Etsy shop to highlight your top-performing products. We’re also making it easier to track the performance of your paid advertisements through Facebook and Google, among other improvements.

Read on for more details:

    • Choose Featured listings for your Pattern site. When you choose Trellis or Zephyr as your theme, you can highlight featured listings on your Pattern site. Starting today, you can choose featured listings for your Pattern storefront that are different than the listings featured in your Etsy shop.
    • Purchase and connect multiple domains. Now you can purchase more than one URL from Pattern, so you can have multiple website addresses for your site. You can also connect additional domains purchased from other domain providers to your existing Pattern storefront. Connect additional domains to your Pattern site. 
    • More control over your domainIf you purchased a domain through Pattern, you now have access to your records, which gives you full control over how you use your domain. By default, when you register a domain through Pattern we automatically set up your domain records to work with your Pattern site. By editing your domain records, you can direct your domain to other content on the web, such as your blog. Learn more about record management.
    • Track your paid advertising performanceIf you run paid advertisements on Facebook or Google for your Pattern storefront, you can now add code snippets in the Marketing tab of your Pattern dashboard that will allow you to track how your advertisements are performing.