Product Updates

Celebrating Pattern’s First Birthday

A year ago, we announced the launch of Pattern, a tool that allows you to create your own storefront in minutes. Since then, tens of thousands of sellers like you have created a website to call their own, and we’re just getting started.

Before Pattern, you told us that you were looking for a way to promote your products to new and wider audiences, but didn’t have the time or the resources to build a new website from scratch. The process of creating a website, registering a domain, and managing your inventory requires a lot of resources for a business owner.

We created Pattern to make this process easy. It integrates with Etsy, allowing sellers to leverage the hard work you’ve already put into your shop. In just a few clicks, you can register a domain name, and the inventory from your Etsy shop is synced with your new Pattern website. You can process and ship orders just like you do with your Etsy shop and your workflow remains unchanged.

Since launching one year ago, we have also introduced new features such as guest checkout, deeper customization options, email marketing through MailChimp, and blog creation. Pattern sellers tell us that they feel a sense of pride with their first Pattern sales. They’re excited to have their own domain name printed on their business cards. And they love being able to tell to their customers and friends that their products are available on their own website.

Today, Pattern is giving Etsy’s 1.7 million* sellers the opportunity to grow their businesses while staying focused on what they love and do best: creating unique products. Our team is dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs like you reach new levels of success and we want to thank you for joining us. Pattern’s best days are still to come, and we can’t wait to celebrate our next milestones with you.

*As of December 31, 2016